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May 10, 2011
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Welcome to The Body PRO Newsletter, a bi-weekly review of the latest breaking news and research in HIV medicine, aimed specifically at informing health care professionals.
May 10, 2011
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HIV Care Today is a multi-author blog featuring people on the frontlines of HIV treatment, prevention and patient/client care. This blog serves as a platform for health care professionals to discuss the everyday challenges of their jobs, recent developments in their fields and issues relevant to the evolution of HIV/AIDS care.

Nelson VergelNelson Vergel: Is There a Future for HIV-Infected Patients in “Deep Salvage”?
Despite the development of ever-more-effective antiretrovirals and HAART regimens, there remains a subset of patients for whom antiretroviral therapy fails. And fails again, and yet again, ultimately leading to extensive drug resistance and a critical clinical conundrum. Nelson Vergel, B.S.Ch.E., examines recent epidemiological and clinical findings regarding this hard-to-treat population.

Bethsheba JohnsonBethsheba Johnson: Where Are the Clinical Trials That Focus on HIV-Affected Women?
“As I look back over the recent past in HIV research, I am impressed at what advancements we have made, yet disturbed at what little we know and have done regarding HIV prevention and treatment in women,” Bethsheba Johnson, G.N.P.-B.C., A.A.H.I.V.S., writes. In her latest blog entry, she discusses the paucity of current HIV research involving largely female cohorts.
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Doctors: Tell the FDA: PrEP is “No Magic Pill”
Gilead Sciences Inc. is prematurely pushing to gain FDA approval to market Truvada as an HIV prevention pill — despite a low 44% effectiveness rate. According to a paper published by the American Journal of Public Health, more study is needed to ensure patient safety and the public’s health. Sign on NOW to an e-letter urging the FDA NOT to consider approval of Truvada as PrEP until further studies are completed.
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Initiating HAART at High CD4+ Cell Count Increases AIDS-Free Survival, Study Finds
Newly published results from a massive international study found that HIV-infected people who initiated antiretroviral therapy with a CD4+ cell count no lower than 500 had a reduced risk of progression to AIDS or death compared to people who did not commence treatment until their CD4+ cell count was 350 or lower.

Increased Risk of Bacterial Pneumonia Noted Among Patients Receiving Enfuvirtide
The drug label for enfuvirtide (Fuzeon) has been updated to include a warning that the drug may increase a patient’s risk for developing bacterial pneumonia. The warning stems from an observational study of 1,850 HIV-infected patients that found a 34% increased adjusted risk of pneumonia for patients receiving enfuvirtide compared to patients not receiving enfuvirtide.

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prison illustrationObstacles to Care and Quality of Life for HIV-Infected Inmates
As anyone who works with patients or clients in the U.S. prison system can attest, life as an inmate can be difficult enough as it is. But life as an inmate with HIV? Writing for the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange, David McLay and Ann Silversides provide a stark look inside the lives of HIV-infected people behind prison walls. (Illustration: Raymond Biesinger)

From Policy to Pregnancy: Sexual Rights and Reproductive Options for People Living With HIV/AIDS
In this series of articles from presentations delivered at the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria, six prominent HIV advocates discuss the family-planning struggles women living with HIV/AIDS face in cultures ranging from the traditional to the technologically advanced.

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quillPoetry Month at HIV-Affected Readers Submit Their Work
To mark National Poetry Month in the U.S., throughout the month of April our readers at submitted original, creative works about living with, or being affected by, HIV/AIDS. This year’s submissions, which run the gamut of emotions — from exultation to despair and back again — are on our Poetry Month 2011 home page for you to peruse and digest.

momma montageWord on The Street: The Joys and Challenges of Motherhood
In honor of Mother’s Day on May 8, we asked mothers throughout the U.S. who are living with HIV/AIDS the following question: What is the greatest joy, and the greatest challenge, of being a mother to your children?

Justin B. Terry-SmithJustin B. Terry-Smith: 4 Ways Disclosure Has Helped Me
“Since getting diagnosed as HIV positive in 2006, I have made it a priority to be open about my status,” Justin B. Terry-Smith writes. And although at times that public disclosure has been difficult, on balance he feels his life is better for it. In his latest video blog entry, Justin outlines four ways his life has improved since he chose to be “out and proud” about his HIV status.

Autumn PresserThe First Few Months: A Transgender Woman Faces an HIV Diagnosis in the Rural U.S.
“I am a transgender woman living in rural Arkansas. I’m NOT, nor have I ever been, a sex worker, escort or anything of the sort. I don’t use IV drugs and I’m not promiscuous. Just the recipient of a s*** storm of bad luck,” writes Autumn Preusser. She started keeping an online journal several days after her diagnosis; in it, she candidly shares her experiences as she adjusts to life with HIV.
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Update on Applying Recent MSM HIV Prevention Research (Video)
At this year’s Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Boston, Gregorio Millett, a senior behavioral scientist from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gave two presentations: “Responding to Risk Among U.S. MSM” and “Predictors of Being HIV Positive Unaware among Black and Latino MSM [men who have sex with men].” In this video, director Miguel Lopez chats with Millett about his presentations and how HIV care providers in the U.S. can bolster their HIV prevention efforts.

A Closer Look at San Francisco’s New Approach to HIV Prevention
Given its long history of leading the way in HIV treatment and prevention, it’s no shock that San Francisco, Calif., is among the first U.S. cities to launch an aggressive campaign to follow through on the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. In this brief video from, Grant Colfax, director of HIV Prevention and Research at the San Francisco Department of Public Health, shares key details of the city’s plan to reduce its HIV rates.

More Headlines on HIV/STD Transmission:

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