April 6, 2007
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April 11, 2007


Compounded medications have greatly improved the quality of the lives of many people living with HIV. Several of these medications (hormone therapies, wasting therapies, quality of life therapies) are not cover by most insurance or ADAP/Medicare/Medicaid formularies, so patients rely on access through compounding pharmacies. Now, access to these medications is facing a huge threat.

A small but powerful group of senators is on the verge of introducing legislation that would severely restrict and possibly deny access to critical medications that many patients rely on, such as women prescribed bioidentical hormones, hospice care patients and children.

Even if you don’t currently rely on compounded medicines yourself, you may need them someday – and you know someone who needs them now. Please join me in contacting Congress to stop this legislation and protect patient access to compounded drugs! Visit www.savemymedicine.org to take action.

This is a copy of the letter that savemymedicine.org sends to your congress people after you input your name and address.

Apr 9, 2007

Senator John Cornyn
United States Senate
517 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-0001

Dear Senator Cornyn,

I know that you are committed to protecting patients and, as a result,
I hope that you share my concerns about the draft Safe Drug
Compounding Act of 2007 that may soon be introduced by Senators Edward Kennedy, Richard Burr and Pat Roberts.

I rely on compounded medications. Without access to them, I will

The Safe Drug Compounding Act would restrict and possibly even deny my access to vital compounded medications, medications that my doctor
has determined I need.

As your constituent, I strongly urge you to oppose this legislation
and look forward to hearing your response.


Mr. Nelson Vergel


Nelson Vergel
Nelson Vergel
Chemical engineer, 34+ year HIV and cancer survivor, health author and educator . Founder of DiscountedLabs.com , ExcelMale.com , and PowerUSA.org

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