Health Insurance Resources for HIV Positive People (non ADAP)
September 18, 2007
New HIV Drug Info- From Clinical Care Options
September 22, 2007

Facial Reconstruction Options in the Us- Sept 2007

These are some contacts

Silikon 1000 : or or (use off label in the US)

Bioalcamid in Canada (several cities) or Mexico (monterrey) (not FDA approved in the US yet)

PMMA in Mexico (tijuana) ( product approved in the US: Artefill, but very expensive!)

Sculptra : (FDA approved for HIV lipoatrophy)

Radiesse: (FDA approved for HIV lipoatrophy)

Helpful Links – AIDS treatment Data Network (ARDN) – Information on HIV and AIDS – ARCIA (AIDS Community Research Initiative of America) – Useful information about facial wasting and facial wasting treatments – Comprehensive information about lipodystrophy syndrome – Information about the facial wasting facial filler SCULPTRA™ (also known in Europe as New-Fill or in the US as Nu-Fill) – Information about the facial filler Radiesse™ (formerly knows as Radiance™) – Information about the facial filler Restylane® – Website about the facial filler Perlane® – Center for the study of AIDS – Articles on facial wasting treatments

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