April 2, 2009

Update on Body Shape Changes and HIV

This Month in HIV: 2009 Update on Body Shape Changes and HIVA Conversation With Dr. Donald Kotler and Patient Activist Nelson Vergel April 2009 From TheBody.com […]
February 9, 2009

Kaletra, Lexiva and Ziagen increase MIs

The DAD study presented controversial data on increased cardiovascular risks caused by Kaletra, Lexiva and Ziagen
February 9, 2009

Rosoglitazone for lipoatrophy

4 mg a day of rosiglitazone produced a gain of fat under the skin of 900 grams versus 300 grams in placebo in patients not taking […]
February 9, 2009

Gileads booster gs9350

Gilead is developing a booster than can do what Norvir does to boost drug levels. It seems that 150 mg of their booser may be equivalent […]