February 9, 2009

Cancers in hiv

From 99 til 07 infection related cancers like anal have decreased slightly but are still a lot higher in incidence than in HIV hegatives. Liver, oral-throat […]
February 8, 2009

Opportunistic infections

By Dr ChaissonTB has decreased a lot in AfricaTreating poz patients who have TB with HAART and TB treatment (rifampin)at the same time works best to […]
February 8, 2009

Complications and OIs

Richard Chaisson from John Hopkins presented survival and mortality data.There is a direct relation between economic development and mortality. Haiti has the highest mortality rate in […]
February 8, 2009

Vaccine Strategy

Dr richard koup reviewed where we are in vaccines. Vaxgen, the merck vaccine and the canarypox vaccines were not succesfulThree trials were stopped in 2007. The […]