August 31, 2007

Are we losing mental capacity in HIV?

This study really worries me. Median CD4 cells were in the 400, and half were naive. So these are not sick patients. I wish they had […]
August 29, 2007

Be Aware of TMC 125 (Etravirine, Tibotec new non nucleoside) limitations

If you are thinking about obtaining TMC 125 (Etravirine, a new non nucleoside yet to be approved) via Tibotec’s expanded access program (EAP) and you have […]
July 29, 2007

The End of Nandrolone ?

The End of Nandrolone Nelson Vergel, Program for Wellness Restoration The current terrain for wasting patients in the era of HAART On March 20, 2007, […]
July 23, 2007

No Lipodystrophy Approval for Serostim (serono)

I was concerned this would happen. The FDA did not think that the benefits in decreasing visceral fat in HIV positive people outweigh the risks of […]