June 8, 2007

Interview for TheBody.com

I have to thank TheBody.com for the opportunity to tell my story http://thebody.com/multidrug/stories_nelson.html
June 8, 2007

Ziagen (Abacavir) Can Cause Anxiety in Some Patients

I have received emails in the past about people asking why they feel anxious or moody on Ziagen. This problem has happened to me and others […]
May 30, 2007


TOPIC: SURVIVING HIV RESISTANCE- How to avoid mistakes in using new HIV drugsReserve any lecture by calling 1-800- 810-3703 or email HIVSeminars@aol.com TUESDAY, JUNE 12: MIAMI11 […]
May 10, 2007

Companies Abandon AIDS Wasting Patients

On March 20, Watson Laboratories stopped the production of nandrolone decanoate (old brand name: Deca Durabolin), a low cost injectable anabolic used for HIV wasting, citing […]