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Our Mission

To improve health literacy and patient self-advocacy by providing patient-friendly educational information to HIV-positive people and their clinicians about ways to improve HIV treatment response, side effects, and quality of life.

To advocate for ethical and compassionate research protocols in the areas of HIV treatment, HIV cure, aging, side effect management, and complementary therapies.

Wellness Education, Programs, and Websites

View Lectures, Articles, and Videos for HIV Advocacy, Research, Wellness, and other topics.

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Why this site exists

Nelson Vergel is a chemical engineer who, by his own necessity, has become a leading advocate for sports nutrition, supplementation, hormone and therapies, and the promotion of wellness.

His search for Nelson Vergelcutting-edge health knowledge started when he was diagnosed with HIV over 25 years ago during a hopeless era.

This life-threatening diagnosis propelled him to explore therapies to save his life and that of his peers by reviewing available literature, attending numerous health conferences, becoming an advocate member of NIH research committees, moderating online groups, and networking with many progressive clinicians. With his survival knowledge he has been able to help people to lead a healthy life regardless of their health status or background. He is the author of "Testosterone: A Man's Guide" and co-author of the book "Built to Survive"; the founder of the nonprofit organizations Body Positive Wellness Clinic and Program for Wellness Restoration; the Nutrition and Exercise forum expert at; and a bilingual speaker on body composition, exercise, nutrition, supplementation, testosterone replacement, metabolic disorders, and medication side effect management.

His latest project,, provides a trusted exchange platform for men's health in a moderated and curated environment.

Resources: For HIV Education and Wellness

Resources for Doctors and Clinitions

Programs for Wellness Restoration focuses on information about improving life expectancy and quality of life of people living with HIV while we wait for a cure.

We urge you to look at all of the various Programs we offer as a part of our HIV+ Wellness and Education Symposium.