HPT/Axis, Inc. Awarded “Most Promising Life Science Technology Company” at 2010 Rice Alliance Life Science Venture Forum
June 28, 2010
International AIDS Conference- My workshop on Nutrition and Metabolic Disorders
July 8, 2010

Codes to get Medicare to pay doctors for injection Sculptra or Radiesse in faces of people living with HIV-related facial lipoatrophy

Wellcare put together a great summary of all codes used for reimbursement.  Medicare decided in January 2010 to cover HIV facial lipoatrophy products as long as the patient has depression induced by this condition.


Nelson Vergel
Nelson Vergel
Chemical engineer, 34+ year HIV and cancer survivor, health author and educator . Founder of DiscountedLabs.com , ExcelMale.com , and PowerUSA.org

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