Today is World’s AIDS Day- Read the Staggering Numbers!
December 1, 2010
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December 2, 2010

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There is still a lot of work to do.
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World AIDS Day 2010
As the first decade of the new millennium comes to a close, we reflect on the initial interviews from HIV+ people collected by The Positive Project.
Seven years ago one interviewee named Matt said,I think the general public should know everything there is to know about HIV/AIDS and I am shocked about how little the public does know!

Sadly, this statement is still relevant today. HIV disease is 100% preventable; yet over one million Americans have it, so something clearly is amiss.

If we can’t even talk about it, we definitely can’t change it.  Talking is the place to start. Therefore, we challenge you to talk about it. Yes you, and yes today, even once, just say it. Not sure how you’d even bring it up?
Try this:
“Today is December 1st, it’s World AIDS Day, and did you know that people are still getting infected with HIV? In fact it’s one new person in this country every 9 ½ minutes.”

The Positive Project has been working for a decade to help the world talk about HIV/AIDS. We use the stories of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS to raise awareness, reduce stigma, promote prevention, encourage testing, and enhance care.  Over 150 brave people coast to coast, from 9 years old to 70, have added their stories for the greater good. They all recommend that we talk.  They are great at helping us get the conversations going.  Visit the archive of personal video stories and listen for just five minutes, to anyone of your choice.

On behalf of the brave educators here who’ve given their stories to help others, we thank you.
All our best to you in the New Year,
The Staff and Board at The Positive Project

The Positive Project

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