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June 11, 2012
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Welcome to The Body PRO Newsletter, a bi-weekly review of the latest breaking news and research in HIV medicine, aimed specifically at informing health care professionals.
June 12, 2012
In This Newsletter:
Timothy BrownNew Data on the Berlin Patient: Interpret With Caution
Recent cell samples taken of “Berlin Patient” Timothy Brown — the only person to date who’s been effectively cured of HIV — appear to have found extremely low levels of HIV genetic material.

Roundtable PanelistsBreaking Down Barriers to Transgender Health and HIV Care
What factors keep health institutions from being the safe spaces they should be for transgender patients to receive care? And what can providers do right now to bring awareness of trans issues into their own practices?

cancer cellStudy Finds HIV Infection Is an Independent Risk Factor for Lung Cancer
A massive analysis of data from the Veterans Aging Cohort Study found that HIV infection increased a patient’s risk of developing lung cancer by approximately 71%, though overall lung cancer risk was still low.

Paul Sax, M.D.SPARTAN: Two-Drug, NRTI-Sparing Strategies Continue to Disappoint
“Initial two-drug HIV therapy without NRTIs hasn’t fared well, even when it includes our best drugs,” reports Paul Sax, M.D. “We still don’t know why these two-drug regimens don’t do as well, especially in patients with high viral loads.”

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Deon HaywoodFire Destroys Office of New Orleans-Based HIV Organization; Arson Suspected
In the wee hours of May 25, Deon Haywood received a horrible phone call from her building’s landlord. The office of the HIV prevention organization she runs, Women With A Vision (WWAV), had been burned down.

anxious womanBeyond “Getting Over It”: Why Trauma and Gender Violence Matter in HIV/AIDS
“It’s not just a handful of women living with HIV who have experienced or been affected by some form of violence,” writes’s community manager Olivia Ford. “This is most women living with HIV. HIV services that don’t take into account the impact of trauma on women’s lives are selling most HIV-positive women short on their care.”

discussion panelistsThe Future of Female Leadership in the HIV/AIDS Movement
We find ourselves in the midst of serious local and federal budget cuts impacting HIV-related services, as well as a social and political war embroiling women and reproductive health in the U.S. What better time to talk with a diverse group of female leaders about where we are and where we’re headed in terms of female participation in the fight against HIV/AIDS?

prosecutionProsecuting HIV: Take the Test — and Risk Arrest?
“Consenting adults. No intent to harm. Undetectable viral load. A condom was used. No HIV transmission. Twenty-five years in prison. This isn’t hypothetical,” writes prominent HIV criminalization activist Sean Strub. He provides an overview of U.S. HIV disclosure laws in a recent issue of Positively Aware.

More News & Views Headlines:

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OraQuick In-Home TestWhat the OraQuick In-Home HIV Test Means for HIV Treatment and Prevention: A Panel Discussion (Video)
Two senior members of the HIV/AIDS advocacy group AIDS United and an advocate with the organization Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive discuss the probable U.S. approval of the OraQuick In-Home HIV Test and the implications it will have on HIV treatment and prevention efforts.

Jeannie WraightRapid HIV Home Testing Is More Problem Than Solution, Advocate Warns
Unanimous support from an expert panel isn’t enough to overcome HIV/AIDS advocate Jeannie Wraight’s issues with an at-home, rapid HIV test. “Think about what it would have been like to receive the diagnosis at home, without support to assure us that a positive result didn’t mean the end of our lives,” she writes.

Kiss & Tell campaignGMHC and Photographer Mike Ruiz Want MSM in NYC to “Kiss and Tell” During LGBT Pride Month
“The Kiss & Tell campaign underscores the message that the lives of young black and Latino gay men are valued and not dispensable,” said Marjorie Hill, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of GMHC.

More Headlines on HIV/STD Transmission:

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Rusti Miller-HillRusti Miller-Hill: My Husband, Me and Baby Made Three
“The hardest part of my pregnancy wasn’t carrying my baby or watching my body swell to accommodate this precious life growing inside of me. The hardest part of the pregnancy was the stigma and discrimination we felt.”

Reggie SmithReggie Smith: Just Don’t Want to Be Lonely
“I was diagnosed with AIDS in 1988 when there was little or no hope for a long life, so maybe you can understand why it took me so long to decide to disclose that I was carrying the virus.”

Nelson VergelNelson Vergel: 10 News Items That Have Made Me Happy During the Past Month
“These past several weeks have been great on many fronts. … I counted a few of the great pieces of news that have come our way amidst all the negative news that the media dwells on to increase ratings.”

Aless PiperHow to Create a Cause-Based Newsfeed on Facebook
“In the same way I’ve created lists to filter what complete strangers see of my profile … I’ve created lists that enable me to isolate my HIV/AIDS-related information to peruse at my leisure. And while I do still miss some things, it’s getting better.”
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