September 22, 2007

New HIV Drug Info- From Clinical Care Options

CCR5 Antagonists (Maraviroc and Vicriviroc) CCR5 antagonists block viral binding to the CCR5 chemokine coreceptor. Several CCR5 antagonists have been tested in clinical trials. In August […]
September 18, 2007

Facial Reconstruction Options in the Us- Sept 2007

These are some contacts Silikon 1000 : or or (use off label in the US) Bioalcamid in Canada (several cities) or Mexico […]
September 18, 2007

Health Insurance Resources for HIV Positive People (non ADAP)

The Georgetown University Health Policy Institute has written A CONSUMER GUIDE FOR GETTING AND KEEPING HEALTH INSURANCE for each state and the District of Columbia — […]
September 14, 2007

The New Wave of HIV Drugs is Here

The New Wave of HIV Drugs is Here For the first time in 10 years, HIV+ patients will have access to two new HIV drug classes. […]