May 31, 2012

Ten News Items That Have Made Me Happy During the Past Month

These past several weeks have been great on many fronts. While taking a shower this morning, I counted a few of the great pieces of news […]
May 30, 2012

HIV Cure Related Studies Currently Enrolling

IMMUNE BASED THERAPIES Phase 1 Dose Escalation Study of Autologous T-cells Genetically Modified at the CCR5 Gene by Zinc Finger Nucleases in HIV-Infected Patients The purpose […]
May 29, 2012

Global Health Needs Extend Beyond HIV/AIDS R&D

By Mari Serebrov Washington Editor A singular focus on HIV/AIDS and a lag in translating medical discoveries into approvable medicines could be keeping the U.S. from […]
May 24, 2012

Medical Guidelines Group in the UK says that sperm washing is no safer than effective treatment and timed intercourse Draft UK guidance on fertility treatment says that sperm washing may no longer be necessary for couples where the man has HIV and the woman […]