Global Health Needs Extend Beyond HIV/AIDS R&D

By Mari Serebrov
Washington Editor

A singular focus on HIV/AIDS and a lag in translating
medical discoveries into approvable medicines could be
keeping the U.S. from getting its money’s worth from R&D
aimed at addressing the most pressing global health needs.
While the U.S. government is the leading funder of R&D
for 26 of the 30 most neglected diseases and conditions
affecting the developing world, nearly 60 percent of the $1 .4
billion the U.S. invests annually in global R&D is dedicated to
HIV/AIDS research, according to a recent report from PATH’s
Global Health Technologies Coalition.
The next biggest chunk of U.S. funding, 12 percent, is
spent on tuberculosis (TB) R&D, and 10 percent goes for
malaria R&D. The rest is divided among other diseases and
conditions, such as dengue fever, that affl ict many parts of
the developing world.

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