New HIV Eradication Study: The Use of a Personalized ImmuneTherapy (AGS-004) with a Reservoir Activating Agent

Argos Therapeutics Announces Plans for HIV Eradication Study 

“To create AGS-004, ribonucleic acid (RNA) is isolated from HIV particles obtained from patients, and dendritic cells are generated from a single leukapheresis procedure. Selected RNAs are then used to “program” the dendritic cells with the patient-specific payload to trigger an immune response against the patient’s HIV infected cells. These patient-specific, antigen-loaded dendritic cells are formulated into a ready-to-use, intradermal injection.
In Argos Therapeutics’ proposed study, AGS-004 will be combined with one or more agents that are capable of activating the latent HIV reservoir thereby making infected cells ‘visible’ to the immune system. Once the latent HIV has been activated, AGS-004 will be able to identify and kill HIV infected cells, with no added toxicity. The proposed Phase 2 study will aim to treat HIV patients who are currently taking antiretroviral therapy (ART), to evaluate the impact on decreasing or potentially eradicating the infected cells.”

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