Oct 2, 2012

Hi . My name is John. I tested HIV+ abt 5 yrs ago. My CD4 is still over 500, so am only on septrin . I see my doctor every 3 months. I go to the gym @ least 3 times a week but do road work (jogging) every weekend for abt 10KM. Gym work comprise of 15-30 min cardio, then assorted weights .. total 1 hr. I fell am in good health tho sometimes some cough wud come and go with no med.
Question: Is there any recommended training for HIV+? Is there some training that is detrimental to health? I realise my kidney not soo good, does training contribute i any way to kidney deterioration? Note: I eat healthy and take lots of water (more than 8 glasses a day)but kidney been deteriorating and am working.

Response from Mr. Vergel

I would read this article and watch a video I recently made to answer questions like yours:

Exercise and HIV

Nelson’s exercise tips

Let me know if there is any information that these two resources do not cover, please.


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