Fundariser-POZ CRUISE

This press release comes from Paul Stalbaum, the organizer:

I am very excited to announce to you our plans for our Annual Poz Cruise Retreat open to all people living with HIV and of course, our friends and family.

This truly unique travel experience combines the perfect blend of socialization and educational aspects. Imagine your self sailing on a luxurious cruise ship over clear blue seas with a horizon that just never seems to end. Visit exotic tropical islands that allow us to relax on white powdery beaches and swim warm crystal clear azure blue waters. Want something more adventurous? Why not see majestic ancient Mayan ruins, rapel in steamy tropical jungles or swim with the dolphins?

This year’s cruise sails from Miami, Florida on October 28 and returns on November 4. We will have the privilege to visit Grand Cayman Island, Belize, Roatan (Honduras), and the golden Mayan Coast of Mexico. Rate begin at an unbelievably low rate of $399.00 per person plus tax for an inside cabins. Balcony cabins are available for just $655.00 per person. These rates are inclusive of all meals, nightly entertainment, private cocktail parties and other social events as well as our informative lectures and panel discussions by HIV specialists.

In years past, we have had many friendships and relationships develop. Several couples are together today because they met on our trips.

A portion of the proceeds collected will be donated to several HIV organizations as a means to raise funds for needy people in the U.S, as well as underdeveloped nations which health care is deplorable

Please do think of joining as we expect a large turn of for the Tenth Annual cruise which just happens to sail over Halloween!!!

Please visit for details and photos or do feel free to call me at the number listed below.

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