Happy about my membership in the DHHS HIV Adult and Adolescent Guidelines Panel


I am very happy about having been selected to be a community member to this respected panel. This is my second try in the past 4 years and I finally made it through. This is one of the most important (if not the most important) medical guidelines panel in HIV treatment. I will be lucky to be working with great researchers and clinicians, and will make sure that the concerns from the patients in the field are brought to their attention. Jules Levin has already reminded not to forget bone density issues, aging related issues, some women-specific issues and toxicities as areas to bring up as data and signals in the field become available. I am glad I have good mentors like Jules, Bob Munk. Marty Delaney and Lynda Dee that have been there before me !

Wish me luck!


Issue No. 52 | December 12, 2008

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Adult and Adolescent Guidelines Panel Announces New Members

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Panel on Antiretroviral Guidelines for Adults and Adolescents (a working group of the Office of AIDS Research Council) is pleased to welcome the following new members to the Panel. The new members will begin a 4-year term beginning February 2009.

New Scientific Members:
Robert Dodge, Ph.D., R.N., A.N.P. (University of North Carolina)
Christopher Gordon, Ph.D. (National Institute of Mental Health, NIH)
Michael Hughes, Ph.D. (Harvard University)
William Kapogiannis, M.D. (National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, NIH)
Daniel Kuritzkes, M.D. (Harvard University)
Mark Sulkowski, M.D. (Johns Hopkins University)

New Community Member:
Nelson Vergel (Houston, Texas)

The following members will be concluding their services to the Panel in February 2009. The Panel thanks them for their contributions over the years.
A. Cornelius Baker (National Black Gay Men’s Advocacy Coalition)
Charles Carpenter, M.D. (Brown Medical School)
Suzanne Willard, Ph.D., C.R.N.P. (Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation)

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