How to Improve Finances Despite HIV

Program for Wellness Restoration,
the Houston Buyers Club and
LIVE Consortium present

What to Do Now that You are Living Longer?
How to Improve Finances Despite HIV

A seminar with author & financial advisor Per Larson 
*Limited seating*
March 22, 6:30 pm- United Way-50 Waugh Drive-Houston, TX 77007 
Among the topics to be addressed:

• How to make a disability application succeed the first time – and stay ok?

• How to get physicians to effectively support disability claims – and reviews?

• What 20 dirty tricks are used by insurers – and how best to beat them?

• How can financial measures to protect claims improve health as well?

• If employed, how best to cope with job (and benefits) loss dangers?

• How to minimize the loss of long-term disability benefits at age 65?

• How can savings occur & how should investments be managed now?

• What financial pitfalls lurk as a result of premature aging and cognitive loss?

• What financial costs increase as treatment becomes more and more the problem?

• Must a normal life expectancy be accompanied by impoverishment?

• How can a long-term survivor prepare to supplement Social Security after 65?
. Is it safe to apply for back-to-work programs?

Per Larson lives in New York and we are lucky to have him in Houston for this unique lecture, so do not miss it!

PER LARSON (MBA, Wharton 1972, postgraduate 1976) has helped 800+ people successfully apply for and keep disability benefits since 1993. He’s given workshops since 1995, written a book on financial issues over the decades ( plus 100 articles appearing POZ, Body Positive NY, and Positively Aware. He has appeared on 60 Minutes and is quoted in Forbes, Kiplinger, Worth, and the NY Times This workshop will be based on Per’s latest article in Positively Aware, The Financial Fallout of HIV: Update from the Trenches (read below).
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