Lecture: Survivor Health Wisdom: Strive To Thrive While Growing Older With HIV

STOP AIDS Project’s Positive Force Presents “Survivor Health Wisdom: Strive To Thrive While Growing Older With HIV” on Wed, February 17 6:30-9:30 pm at the LGBT Community Center in San Francisco.

Join Nelson Vergel, author of Built to Survive, for the latest information on: Lipoatrophy, Combating Premature Aging, and MUCH MORE!!! A light dinner will be provided.
This evening’s event is part of Positive Force’s ongoing series “Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies” occurring on the third Wed of every month. For more information about Positive Force, this series or to RSVP to this month’s event, contact Justin Jones at 575-0150, x 250 or jjones@stopaids.org.

The face of HIV changes with each passing day. For example, thanks to treatment advances, many people living with HIV today are living longer lives. Along with longer lives comes the usual health concerns: increased risks for heart disease, non-HIV related cancers, bone loss, decreased mental function, etc. However, a plethora of recent research has clearly demonstrated that people living with HIV are suffering from accelerated aging; sometimes their minds and bodies manifest problems decades earlier than their HIV-negative counterparts. Consequentially, researchers, medical providers, treatment advocates, and HIV-positive people alike are trying to figure out how to conquer this new phase of living with HIV.

Many community forums on HIV & Aging involve doctors and other socio-medical professionals speaking clinically, and providing the same information, from the same point of view, time and time again. Positive Force decided to move in a different direction. We invited Nelson Vergel, a man who has lived with HIV for more than two decades and who is an internationally renowned treatment advocate, to discuss HIV & Aging concerns from a peer perspective. Nelson has traveled the world talking about living and thriving with HIV, has written books on the topic, and has been featured in numerous publications for his expertise and perspective.

Participants who attend will benefit from Nelson’s unique perspective, presentation style, and gobs of information. Nelson will present the latest treatment information, both clinical and practical, for a range of subjects, including but not limited to lipodystrophy/lipoatrophy, accelerated aging of both mind and body, and sexual health. Forum attendees will walk away with a better handle on how to deal with problems they may already be facing and how to prevent new problems associated with HIV & Aging.

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