Men’s Health Lecture- Two Experts Share their Knowledge

Nov. 24, 2009- Houston, TX – A group of wellness-related non-profits, Houston Buyers Club, LIVE consortium, and Program for Wellness Restoration, have collaborated to present a comprehensive Men’s Health lecture at the United Way in Houston, Texas on December 15, 2009. Dr. Michael Scally, an expert on hormone replacement in men, and Nelson Vergel, an international speaker and author on health and wellness, will present on the following: all you need to know about testosterone replacement therapy, sports nutrition, exercise, micronutrient supplementation, and other therapies to improve lean body composition and metabolism, sexual function, energy levels, mood and general quality of life.

When asked why there is a need for this lecture, Fred Walters, director of the Houston Buyers Club, said: “This is a rare opportunity to hear two experts on topics that affect men in every stage of their development from adolescents through old age. There is a huge need for good clinical information about health and wellness and the Houston Buyers Club is proud to part of this program.”
Dr Michael Scally is a progressive physician who has treated hundreds of men with hormone imbalances. He is the author of the book “Anabolic Steroids – A Question of Muscle: Human Subject Abuses in Anabolic Steroid Research”, available on His education includes a double degree major in Chemistry (1975) and Life Sciences (1975) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) located in Cambridge, MA. From 1975-1980, Dr. Scally researched and published investigations on neurotransmitter relationships while at the M.I.T. Division of Brain Sciences & Neuroendocrinology. While a part of the prestigious Health Sciences & Technology Program, a collaboration of M.I.T. and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Scally was involved and participated in the earliest studies detailing the role of tryptophan, serotonin, and depression. In June 1980, Dr. Scally was awarded a Doctorate of Medicine, M.D. by Harvard Medical School. His professional memberships include The Endocrine Society and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE).
Nelson Vergel, a chemical engineer and wellness expert, is the co-author of the book “Built to Survive”, the founder of the Body Positive Wellness Clinic in Houston, and an expert speaker on exercise, nutrition, testosterone replacement, metabolism, sexual function, and therapies to increase lean body mass and decrease fat. He has provided over 500 lectures in the past 15 years in the U.S. and overseas. He provides patient-friendly information accessible to anyone.
“We are truly fortunate to have these two amazing experts join forces to present this lecture on Men’s Health Issues”, said Beau Miller, President and Founder of LIVE consortium, a wellness-based educational non -profit. “Historically, this lecture topic is clouded by misinformation and confusion – specifically testosterone replacement. Not so, however, with a presentation by Dr. Scally or Nelson Vergel. Every man in Houston would benefit greatly by attending this free lecture”, added Miller.
The lecture will be held on December 15, 2009 at 6 pm at the United Way located at 50 Waugh Drive Houston, Texas 77007. Seats are limited and reservations are encouraged. Light snacks will be provided. Please email: with the number of people in your party.

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