Michael Mooney Speaks About Steroids in Deleted Scene from Bigger Stronger Faster

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Michael Mooney Speaks About Steroids in Deleted Scene from Bigger Stronger Faster
Posted on 02:26 June 14th, 2008 by Millard Baker

HIV activist Michael Mooney speaks about the therapeutic applications of testosterone and anabolic steroids for HIV wasting in a deleted scene from “Bigger Stronger Faster.” Mooney is the co-author of Built to Survive (along with Nelson Vergel) and wrote about steroids and HIV for the anabolic steroid and bodybuilding magazine Muscle Media 2000.

I still meet people who obviously have a serious problem with testosterone deficiency who have all the old AIDS symptoms and the doctor will not give them testosterone because their doctor is so afraid of the legal implications. Thousands of people have died because their doctor wouldn’t prescribe testosterone or anabolic steroids for their HIV.

Even though Mooney’s segment was regrettably not included in the final version of the film, Bigger Stronger Faster did include a very powerful segment with long-term HIV+ survivor Jeff Taylor about the life-saving medical applications of steroids. Al Benson wrote an excellent review of this segment for Nelson Vergel’s HIV Blog.

The angle I was most interested in was of course the application of these drugs to people living with AIDS, but I had not actually believed that it would be covered except in the most general way.

Was I wrong! About a half hour into the film , who should I see but the handsome, Smith Bros. bearded face of our friend and long term HIV survivor, Jeff Taylor.

Jeff spoke at length on two segments of his initial experience with the life saving effects of his steroid use, noting that he was able to rise up out of his death-bed, gain 30 pound in 6 weeks and gain 300 T-cells in the same 6 weeks.


I decided to question the director why they chose to spend so much time on ‘the Jeff Tailor segments”. And they said that they had read Built To Survive by Nelson Vergel and Michael Mooney and elaborated that Steroids were powerful lifesaving medications and that needed to be shown.

Please take the opportunity to check play dates for Bigger Stronger Faster and support this highly recommended steroid documentary.

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