Nelson, how did you manage to survive HIV ?

hello nelson, I have a curiosity about building body after HIV infection.I am guessing that I should have infected in august 1st by sexual intercourse although I used a condom.I am 38 year old and I want to live 30 more years being healthy and strong economically.Being a long term survivor you have some clue.Did you build your body after HIV infection? How long it took ? Can you share tips to live long ?
Response from Mr. Vergel

People who start HIV treatment early usually do not have unintentional weight loss due to the infection, and may have less weight gain after starting antiretrovirals. So, that is my first suggestion: start treatment early even if yourCD4 cells are above 500 cells/ml.
The key is to find a regimen that agrees with you. Some people are lucky to tolerate their first regimen (usually Atripla), but others develop side effects that lead them and their physicians to switch them to other regimens (like Complera, Isentress+ Truvada, Stribld or boosted Reyatazplus Truvada). Your physician will guide you through that process. But, as I said, most people do well on their first try.
I am a long term survivor that had to combat wasting and lipodystrophy syndromes through my HIV infection, so I have been able to learn a lot about therapies to gain lean body mass and lose visceral fat. Luckily for most, these two syndromes are not as common with newer HIV regimens. This is an old article describing my path back in the days of struggle:Nelson’s story
When it comes to nutrition and exercise, I have written two articles that I consider basic reading for all who want to stay in shape while living with HIV:
Outsmarting HIV with Healthy Eating
Exercise: The Best Therapy
I also suggest that people who are newly infected watch this short video that tells them all the steps to follow: Video
I hope this helps you with a starting program that you can follow. Please let me know if you have any more questions by writing it here:
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