New Bill Mandates Coverage of HIV Lipodystrophy Treatments

Ben Klein, a Senior Attorney from speaks about the new bill approved in the state of Massachusetts in Aug. 2016 that mandates several insurance carriers in that state to reimburse cost for HIV related lipodystrophy therapies and how activists can advocate for similar bills in other states.

California is also trying to get a similar bill approved.

California May Require Insurance Companies Cover Lipodystrophy for Poz People

Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) introduced an Equality California sponsored bill called HEAL (“Help End Antiretroviral-related Lipodystrophy”) that will require insurance companies and government programs to cover medical treatment for those suffering from the condition.

“The early generation of anti-retroviral medications saved thousands and thousands of HIV survivors’ lives, yet they scarred many survivors with the disfigurement caused by lipodystrophy,” Senator Wiener said in a statement. “Many long-term HIV survivors continue to struggle with this side effect, with both physical and psychological ramifications. The failure of our private insurance and public health programs to cover lipodystrophy correction surgeries for long-term HIV survivors is both unacceptable and discriminatory. It’s time to ensure that these long-term HIV survivors receive the healthcare they need, including correction of this debilitating health condition.”