New HIV drug to be approved soon: Intelence

This is from Rob Camp’s blog, a well known treatment activist that sends letters to the FDA before an HIV drug gets approved with his comments and observations about that drug. If you are considering taking this new NNRTI, read this:

I still wonder how people like me with NNRTI resistance from years ago can predict if this drug would work for us. Our resistance is archived and even if our doctors digged out old genotype or phenotype tests, most of the TMC 125 associated key mutations were not measured back then. I guess that if in doubt, NEVER start Intelence with only one more active agent. Many people like me will get on this drug as part of a 3 active drug combo and really have no idea about the real contribution of this drug. The DUET study saw no added benefit of those starting Prezista + TMC 125 (intelence) + Fuzeon + nukes versus Prezista+ Fuzeon + nukes.

I am glad there will be a new HIV drug in the market, though. I hope that the incidence of rash is not high in those starting this drug.

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