Testosterone Pellets for More Sustained and Longer Term Blood Testosterone Levels

I just got back from seeing Dr Richard Cavender in New Albany, OH (ammedicalcenter.com) which is close to Columbus. This man has a full wellness clinic like I have always envisioned with exercise equipment that collects your progress data and feeds it wirelessly to a computer for tracking purposes. He also provides hormone replacement and nutritional support. He has a doctor in exercise physiology, physical therapists, registered dietitians, and a psychologist. He has a very charming personality and treats his patients like equals. Great concept and ahead of his time.

He inserted 12 75- mg testosterone pellets (Testopel) under my skin in the upper gluts area. No discomfort and no pain. He has been using them for years and he says most people can sustain proper testosterone levels for 4-6 months. We took baseline blood work and I will do them again in a month and then 3 months after that to see how I respond.

I have been using testosterone for 15 years now without any side effects. However, my busy travel schedule sometimes gets in the way of perfect adherence to gels or shots, so I decided I would give this a try. Bad adherence to testosterone delivery methods can cause swings in mood and energy levels, so I definitely want more constant testosterone levels!

I will let you know when I get my next testosterone level results.

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