Update on Egrifta for the reduction of visceral fat accumulation associated with HIV lpodystrophy

Serono launched Egrifta this month.
Doctors are calling in the number included in the link below to get the paper work started for insurance reimbursement.
It seems that some insurance companies are  already starting to pay for it, but high copays may be required. Serono has a $200 copay assistance per prescription.
The total yearly cost is $23,900.   It is injected once a day under the skin (2 mg).  After 26 weeks, some people lose anywhere from 15 to 25 % (avg 18%). You will regain the fat if you stop using i.
I encouraged Serono to fund studies with exercise and the use of Metformin, two approaches that may enhance fat loss.
They could not tell me if any Medicare Part D program has already paid for drug yet.  There is no copay assistance for Medicare Part D patients due to a federal law that prohibits them.
The patient assistance program provides free drug to people with incomes lower than 6 times the poverty level ( around $68,000 per year for a single person with no dependents). Your doctor has to contact them, per the following link:
I encourage that people on this list try to apply for the patient assistance program. The Fair Pricing Coalition ( a group of activists that I am part of) needs to find out if there are any problems in applying for this program, so please help us audit it and report to this list.
More info in Egrifta.com

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