ViiV goes for gold: US premium pricing may threaten dolutegravir use in Europe

On 12 August 2013, the FDA approved dolutegravir in the US. i-Base reported the news with an article linked to previous clinical trial results that noted not only the potential advantages but also some of the cautions.  One of the concerns was how the price, which didn’t accompany the original company press statement, would be critical for whether dolutegravir finds a significant market.

While pricing is complex, the first indications of where ViiV have set their new drug are not encouraging. Unfortunately, dolutegravir has been priced as a second- rather than first-line option, with a US Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) price of $1175 per month for 30 tablets ($39 per day, $14,105 per year).  When used by someone with integrase resistance the dose increases to 50 mg twice a day, presumably doubling the cost.

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