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April 4, 2007

Allen Chao, PhD

Chairman and CEO

Watson Pharmaceuticals

Corporate Headquarters
311 Bonnie Circle
Corona, California 92880

Dear Dr Chao :

I am writing to ask you to reverse your decision of stopping the manufacture of nandrolone decanoate. I am a national treatment advocate and person living with AIDS who has used your product in the past to reverse wasting syndrome and sustain my lean body mass and quality of life. Several HIV studies have shown that nandrolone prevents and reverses the loss of lean body mass (LBM) that has been linked to increased risk of death in HIV while increasing strength and functional capacity. Your decision to abandon this compound affects me, my work, and thousands of people who needed it to keep living a productive life.

At an average cost of $200 a month for dose of 200 mg a week, nandrolone is a lot more cost effective and more tolerable wasting treatment than recombinant human growth hormone (Serostim) ( cost: $6000 a month). You are the sole supplier of several federal-funded AIDS Drug Assistance and Medicaid programs that have recognized its value and have included nandrolone in their formularies to treat thousands of low income HIV-positive patients nationwide.

I have been told by people in your company that you do not have a source of raw materials anymore. It seems that several raw material suppliers are still available. I certainly hope that your decision has not been originated by the DEA and media frenzy over anabolic steroid use in sports. This negative media exposure completely ignores the important medical uses of this medication. For whatever reason, it is irresponsible for Watson to stop supplying this product without a successor that can guarantee that patients in need get access to this important drug.

Thus, unless you decide to reverse your unfortunate decision of abandoning nandrolone decanoate, our organization and many key stakeholders will start a campaign to boycott Androderm and Watson’s other products via press releases, emails and direct mailings to physicians. I certainly hope we do not have to go to these extreme measures and that you show compassion towards people living with HIV.

Please have someone from your medical and legal department call me directly at 713-539-1978 to discuss this matter before the patient and physician communities are activated.


Nelson R. Vergel



Mr Jeff Murray- Food and Drug Administration

Ms Karen Tandy- Drug Enforcement Administration
Mr Steve Baragona- HIV Medicine Association (HIVMA)

Mr Rob Banaszak- The American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM)

Ms. Cathy Olufs- President- The AIDS Treatment Activist Coalition (ATAC)

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