What is happening to Nandrolone??
May 10, 2009hey NelsonI enjoyed your book Built to Survive. It really helped me to realize what nandrolone could do for my health and body shape. I have been using nandrolone for 10 years without side effects and I have been able to reshape my body after lipodystrophy. But now I cannot get it anymore and compounding pharmacies are telling me that China is not exporting the raw material anymore to the United States. I really do not want to look like crap again and my energy level drops horribly without nandrolone. What can we do to get it? I am desperateEd

    Response from Mr. VergelWell, it seems that China has stopped shipping nandrolone’s raw material (basically powder to be mixed in oil) to the US . As most of you know, Watson, the last maker of nandrolone, dropped the product a year ago to carry Oxandrin, a drug ten times more expensive, less effective, and potentially troublesome to the liver. Compounding pharmacies picked up the market and sold nandrolone at a third of what Watson was selling it at. The Drug Enforcement Agency frequently visited several compounders unannounced and took files away for weeks for review to see if every sale had a supporting prescription from a doctor. These visits happened more and more frequently as the steroid scandal in baseball, etc heated with congress’ witch hunt. A few shut down. There are few left providing the product to us, but now they are telling us that may stop. We really do not know why China stopped. My network is not that great to find out. It may have been related to the small clinical market and its off label use.Nandrolone is available cheaply in Mexico and most countries around the world. However, we cannot import it even with a HIV-related prescription because nandrolone is a DEA controlled substance (class III). For those of you long term survivors, you may remember that we used to import stuff that we used to think was going to save our lives in the 80’s and early 90’s and the FDA/DEA never got in the way. But asking to be allowed to import a steroid may be different.Nonetheless, I am wanting to write a petition to the FDA and the DEA to allow us to import it (3 month supply) for HIV related unintentional weight loss and frailty/fatigue . We could make a case with the FDA/DEA about the lack of supply and our needs ( I sent you guys a survey that could help me list different reasons, link below). One problem that we have is that nandrolone is not approved for a HIV indication, even though there are several well done studies of its effectiveness in increasing strength, lean body mass, and stamina in HIV+ patients (men and women) . Hopefully a company will get smart and pick the drug up and run for a NDA (new drug application) for HIV with the great available data. But that is not a sure thing yet.Anyway, do you guys think it is a feasible idea? I know the FDA and the DEA will have a big problem with this petition, but at least we are pressuring federal agencies that are funded with our tax payer money.FOR BACKGROUND INFO: https://savehivwastingmeds.blogspot.com/HELP ME COLLECT YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH NANDROLONE: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=_2frprhdUDFuKijnWXLOfGwA_3d_3dSEE WHAT SOME PATIENTS HAVE SAID SO FAR ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF NANDROLONE IN THEIR LIVES: https://www.surveymonkey.com/sr.aspx?sm=VqCK45gHXi10L4l2eihyx4wu7TOCkZLFELVFHERJwDA_3dI hope you can help me!Nelson

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