Bill sponsored by HIV-Positive Legislator Advances Tuesday to Help People with HIV-related Lipodystrophy

The bill was sponsored by Carl Sciortino, one of the nation’s few openly gay and openly HIV-positive legislators. The 35-year-old has since stepped down from the legislature to serve as executive director of the well-respected AIDS Action Committee.
The story of the young, handsome Sciortino is remarkable in and of itself. The child of a self-proclaimed Tea Party conservative, he told his dad in an endearing campaign ad in a bid for Congress that he is a “Massachusetts liberal.”
While most insurance companies pay for procedures to reconstruct a breast when a woman loses one to cancer, or at least a prosthesis, people with lipodystrophy and lipoatrophy must wear their deformity like a badge unless they have the resources to correct the problem. It’s a throwback to the days when people with HIV were thin and gaunt, essentially with bodies that screamed out “I have AIDS.”
For more information about treatments for lipoatrophy and visceral fat accumulation in HIV, visit:

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