My Dream Agenda for an Aging Conference in 2011

This would be a great agenda for an aging conference (HIV or non HIV related). I hope someone sees this and picks it up as a possibility!

Advances in Testosterone Replacement for Men and Women
Basic  Home – Based Exercise Prescription for the Aging Population
Preventing and treating bone loss associated with aging
Vitamin D Research Update- Is it all they say it is?
Cardiology Research Update 
Visceral Fat and Inflammation-  Emerging Approaches and Challenges
Therapeutic Approaches to Erectile Dysfunction Refractory to PDE Inhibitors
The Medical Use of Facial Fillers in Aging Associated Facial Tissue Loss.
Preventing Frailty and Disability in Older Men and Women- What works?
The use of compounded products in hormone replacement therapy for men and women- are they safe and effective?
Mitochondrial Function Optimization in Health Maintenance- What does research say about the use of  antioxidants?
The Science Behind Meditation for Stress and Cardiovascular Risk Minimization
More HIV related:
  • effect of donepezil on cognitive function in HIV infected patients with HAND
  • effect of vitamin D supplementation on inflammatory and activation markers in HIV disease
  • effect of vitamin supplementation on blood levels of HIV antiretrovirals
  • assessment of incidence of menopause in HIV infected women under 50 years of age
  • use of leptin on visceral fat and inflammatory markers in HIV infected people
  • effect of armodafinil on fatigue, cognitive function and depression scores in HIV infected patients
  • effect of acyclovir on immune activation and inflammatory markers
  • effect of Coenzyme Q 10/carnitine on mitochondrial DNA/function and fatigue
  • effect of exercise on D-dimer, IL-6 , immune activation , telomeres and frailty scores in HIV infected patients over 50 years of age
  • effect of a Mediterranean diet on inflammatory markers, body composition and lipids in HIV infected patients with BMI> 25
  • effect of testosterone replacement on bone density in HIV infected males with hypogonadism and osteopenia/osteoporosis
  • interaction studies of cardiovascular medications and HIV antiretrovirals

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