What NOT to do when prescribing testosterone to older men

I covered the results of the study  mentioned below in my book.

It is so strange to me that they did not even mention or monitor hemoglobin and hematocrit in these older men. It is a well known fact that older men have more testosterone to estradiol conversion and more red blood cell increases with the use of testosterone replacement.  Many doctors prescribe low doses of Arimidex to decrease estradiol and edema, and provide phlebotomy (drainage of 2-4 units of blood every 3 months) to older men to have them maximize the benefits of testosterone while minimizing side effects.  A higher than normal estradiol or red blood cell level can produce edema and increased blood viscosity, respectively. Both of these factors can increase cardiovascular risks.
In this study, cardiovascular events included everything from rapid heart beat to light headness, and most of them were not heart attacks or strokes.
Like anything else we take, if side effect management is not present, then the benefits are erased by the side effects.  Sadly, many doctors prescribe testosterone and do not follow their patients properly. Hopefully my book will help!!
Nelson Vergel

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