The Stigma Project Social Media Campaigns

I want to congratulate the Stigma Project ( ) for their great campaigns to fight stigma.

I particularly love this last ad called “Clean UB2”

On the internet, HIV negative (or those who do not know their status) often refer to themselves as “clean” or DDF (drug and disease free), two terms that really stigmatize HIV positive people. We are not dirty.  And to use DDF as a term that combines HIV and drug use also pisses me off.

If you are HIV negative and want to have sex only with HIV negatives, that is your prerogative and we should respect that.  But stop using those terms.  Just say  “HIV negative and looking for same”.

We need to correct people when they use terms that stigmatize.  Words are loaded weapons that have been used to discriminate and bully many people who are seen as ” different”.

So, good for the people who operate The Stigma Project.  We need to support your innovative work!


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