What to do if you think you have recently been exposed to HIV

This would definitely be the HIV medication combo that I would take if I was HIV negative and wanted to treat a potential HIV exposure (condom breakage, needle stick, etc). Prior studies were done using Truvada alone (two drugs combined in one pill), but adding raltegravir to Truvada makes a lot of sense. Raltegravir (brand name Isentress) is the HIV medication that lowers HIV viral load the fastest, which is something you need if you have been exposed in the last few hours. It also happens to be a very well tolerated medication.

Note: If you get exposed to HIV, you need to treat quickly (within 72 hours), and then stay on treatment for 4-8 weeks

But a one month supply of Isentress plus Truvada would cost more than $1000. Some people call local HIV doctors or health clinics to find out who has extra medications, or just pay for the medications themselves since insurance companies do not pay for post exposure prophyplaxis treatment. And that is where the dilemma lies..

Here is a small study using the Isentress+ Truvada combo for post exposure prophylaxis :

Note: If the person that may have exposed you to HIV is on treatment and has undetectable viral load in their blood, the chances of infection are minimized.  So if you can ask that person about their lab numbers, that would provide additional information for your doctor to make a decision.

For HIV doctors around the United States: Directory of HIV Physicians

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